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       The major resource of any consulting company is its people. UNITY has always been very sensitive to this and pursued a policy of recruiting talented and motivated professional staff. This, in conjunction with investment in computerized design and management systems, has ensured the quality, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of the services offered to Clients.

UNITY has the expertise and flexibility to undertake an assignment having one or all of the following basic project stages :


  • Preliminary Survey and Analysis

  • Feasibility Study and Analysis


  • Front End Engineering Design

  • Basic Engineering Design

    • Process definition

    • Client approval of selected scheme

    • Engineering development

    • Project planning and manpower allocation

    • Engineering & construction cost estimate

    • Hook-up

    • Critical long-lead item identification

    • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies


  • Conceptual Design

  • Execution Strategy


  • Detailed Engineering Design

    • Independent design verification

    • Process design

    • Hydraulics calculation

    • Surge analysis

    • Sizing and mechanical design

    • Construction specification and method statements

    • Preparation of specifications and data sheets

    • Development of process engineering and utility flow diagram drawings

    • Preparation of process and instrument diagram drawings

    • Preparation of detailed construction drawings and calculations

    • Material requisitions including material takeoff

    • Data book compilation

    • Engineering audit

    • Preparation of design manual

    • Operations & training

    • As-built drawings



      Our clients rely on UNITY for the full phase of procurement from materials/equipment identification to their incorporation within the “permanent works”. UNITY’s procurement services cover both the technical and commercial support aspects.

UNITY usually work with all technical aspects of procurement, which include :

  • Review and approval of vendor lists and deliverables

  • Bid appraisals

  • Clarifications/qualifications

  • Material specifications and requisitions

  • Purchase order preparation

  • Full technical evaluation of vendor proposals

  • Witnessing, inspection, and testing

  • Vendor documentation


  • Project requirement

  • Preliminary Schedule

  • Budget

  • Long lead item


  • Bill of quantity

  • Scope of Services or Supply

  • Detailed schedule

  • Invitation To Bid (ITB) format

  • Contract format

  • Bid evaluation and Contract Award methodology

  • Budgeting control

UNITY’s procurement service deals with contractual/commercial issues such as :

  • Commercial bid evaluation and clarification

  • Offer normalization

  • Terms and conditions

  • Order placement on behalf of the client

  • Floating enquiries

  • Invoice ratification/payment


  • Vendors/Contractors data processing

  • Requisition preparation

  • Bid invitation

  • Bid clarification

  • Bid solicitation and evaluation

  • Bid negotiation

  • Recommendation on successful Bidder

  • Contract Award

  • Preparation of Contract documents

  • Contract management and control

  • Material inspection and expediting

  • Vendors/Contractors manual documents



      UNITY has an outstanding record in winning high-profile projects and offers the complete suite of project management services needed to bring a project to successful fruition. UNITY’s project managers have experience in managing all types and sizes of projects, onshore natural oil & gas facilities, including the planning of new field developments and the modification of existing facilities. UNITY has enviable record in project and construction management often leads to repeat, sole-sourced contracts.

      UNITY attraction to contractors is based upon our complete understanding of their needs in terms of providing rapid, technically acceptable, cost-effective solutions – allowing them to meet their commitments internally and to their ultimate client. UNITY provides our clients with a fully rounded service and is able to access the in-house resources for the development of projects, which require formation of project-specific teams to manage, engineer and operate.


  • Execution and Implementation Plan


  • Client Requirement

  • Project Requirement

  • Budget

  • Scope of Services

  • Government and Local Authorities Laws, Statutes, Regulations and Requirements


  • Management Methodology and Tools


  • Integration Management

    • Project Plan Development

    • Project Execution

    • Integrated Change Control

  • Scope Management

    • Initiation

    • Scope Planning

    • Scope Definition

    • Scope Verification

    • Scope Change Control

  • Time Management

    • Activity Definition

    • Activity Sequencing

    • Activity Duration Estimation

    • Schedule Development

    • Schedule Control

  • Cost Management

    • Contractor or Vendor Planning

    • Cost Estimation

    • Cost Budgeting

    • Cost Control

  • Quality Management

    • Quality Planning

    • Quality Assurance

    • Quality Control

  • Contractors or Vendors Management

    • Organization Planning

    • Manpower Mobilization and Demobilization Planning

    • Construction tools and equipment Mobilization and Demobilization Planning

    • Material Delivery Planning

  • Communication Management

    • Communications Planning

    • Information Distribution

    • Performance and Project Reporting

    • Administrative Closure

    • Risk Response Planning

    • Risk Monitoring and Control

  • Risk Management

    • Risk Management Planning

    • Risk Identification

    • Qualitative Risk Analysis

    • Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Procurement Management

    • Procurement Planning

    • Solicitation Planning

    • Solicitation

    • Source Selection

    • Contract Administration

    • Contract Closeout

    • Construction Management

    • Construction Site Planning and Scheduling

    • Inspection and Quality Control/Assurance

    • Work Measurement and Progress Reporting

    • On-site Job Safety Control and Monitoring

    • On-site Job Control

    • Hook-up

    • Pre-commissioning

    • Commissioning

    • Preparation of Start-up Instructions

    • Supervision of Start-up Operations Operator Training

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