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04-J001-00 CK-JP1-01 JP One Pipeline Project

07 Nov 2018, Admin

      The project consists of a Jet A1 fuel transmission pipeline system from the existing client facilities at Makkasan inside the city of Bangkok to transport jet fuel adjacent Suvarnabhumi Airport at Nong Ngoo Hau, Samutprakarn.  Approximate length of this pipeline will be 32 km.

The main facilities are summarised below:

  • Installation of an advance warning densitometer and branch offtake piping at FPT existing pipeline, in the vicinity of SRT Makkasan Rail Yard.

  • JP1 Offtake Station, to be constructed within an allocated area at SRT Makkasan Rail Yard.

  • A 14 inch JP1 pipeline to transport jet fuel from Makkasan Offtake Station to JP1 Receipt Facilities located within BAFS SBIA Aviation Fuel Depot.

  • Intermediate block valve stations at designated locations along the pipeline route.

  • JP1 Pipeline receipt facility within BAFS SBIA Aviation Fuel Depot.

This project has been officially named JP – One Pipeline Project.

      Unity has been appointed as the Detailed Engineering Services for this project. The Work Order no. 0407/005 was issued to Unity on 23th July 2004 with an effective date to proceed nominated as 01st July 2004 and finish by 22nd Jan 2005

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