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05 Mar 2018, Admin

By PPTC Company Limited, called “PPTC” or “Owner” has been planned and carried out in order to Small Power Plant (SPP). The PPTC Pipeline is intended to deliver Natural Gas will be made available from PTT’s Facilities at PTT WN#3 to the PPTC Metering and Regulating Station. Unity will be responsible for the project management, engineering detailed design and construction management for the PPTC – Natural Gas Pipeline Project including the tie-in to the PTT’s existing facilities at Block valve WN#3, and install the transmission gas pipeline approx. ø 10 inches x 5.5 km beside the tentative ROW on Chalongkrung Road and tie-in with M&R Station of Ladkrabang Power Plant located in Ladkrabang Industrial estate.  Unity will perform extensive study for the entire network to establish availability of gas and adequacy of the existing systems for supply of gas to the new pipeline system. In addition, Unity will provide a team in Thailand throughout the Project period to liaise with PPTC, and PTT and other third parties and to manage coordinate and support the Project. Unity’s scope of services are included as below:

  • Project Management

  • Hydraulic simulations to establish adequacy of the existing networks and requirements to modify the existing pipeline and other facilities

  • Hydraulic simulations to optimize design of the new pipeline and facilities

  • Process studies to establish gas quality requirement for the Project

  • Provision of design basis and design basis manual

  • Engineering detail design

  • Assistance in environmental assessment and monitoring

  • Preparation of bid packages and evaluations

  • Construction management

The major components of the Project are:

  • Line pipe.

  • Tie-in facilities connected to the Project Metering and Regulating Station.

  • Tie-in facilities at PTT’s Block Valve station WN3 at Ladkrabang district.

  • Metering and Regulating facilities at the Project location with real time.

  • Scrapper facilities capable of launching and receiving intelligent pigs.

  • Pressure/flow control facilities.

  • SCADA and communication system connected to PTT existing facilities. Modifications could be required to PTT’s existing system to accommodate the facilities.

  • Fiber optics communication system

  • Cathodic protection system for pipeline.

  • AC mitigation measures.

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