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12-J1007-00 RWC OE and IU Project

13 Mar 2018, Admin

      Ratchaburi World Cogeneration Co., Ltd (“RW COGEN”, or “OWNER”) having contract with Unity Engineering and Consultancy Services Company Limited (“UNITY”) to be responsible of Services as OWNER’s Engineer (“OE”) for Offsite and IU Facilities Work (“PROJECT”) for Ratchaburi World Cogeneration Project.

      UNITY will provide a team throughout the PROJECT period to liaise with OWNER, and other third parties to coordinate and support the PROJECT.

UNITY’s scopes of services are included;

  • Project Management

  • Basic Engineering Design

  • EPC Contractor Bid Package, Process, Evaluation Report

  • Assistance OWNER in the application for permits

  • Construction Management

The major components of the PROJECT are:

  • 22 KV Distribution Line for supply electricity to IU.

  • Steam piping system for supply steam to IU.

In addition, Unity shall consult/assist owner for this off-site work for SPP project;

  • Communication to EGAT and PEA Substations

  • 115kv Transmission Line and Interface System to PEA.


      UNITY is also responsible for overall project management from data collection, review and monitor Project designs, and surveys, through basic engineering, ITB process, review and monitor EPC Contractor’s detailed engineering, construction management and commissioning by EPC Contractor.

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