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12-J1011-00 NG & RW Project

05 Mar 2018, Admin

      The New SPP NG metering station and raw water piping is a new unit in the Thai Oil Public Company Limited located at KM 124, Ao-Udom, Tambol Tung-Sukla, Sriracha, and Chonburi, Thailand.

      The New NG Metering Station and Raw Water Piping Project has been planned and carried out in order to support the increasing of natural gas and water demands in New SPP and natural gas demands in Thai Paraxylene Company. The pipeline is intended to deliver additional Natural Gas from main NG station of Independent Power Plant (IPT) to the new SPP and process of Thai Paraxylene Company NG metering station. The gas will serve new SPP and industrial users along the pipeline route.

      The New Natural Gas Pipeline is NPS 16 inch, welded carbon steel with a 3-Layer Polyethylene (3LPE) external corrosion coating system, with approximately 2.3 km in length, start from tie-in point at the main natural gas station of the Independent Power Thailand (IPT), behind Thai Oil gasoline station, and then tie-in to the new SPP Power Plant Natural Gas Metering Station with spare tie-in point 10” on pipeline route for process of Thai Paraxylene Company at NG metering station. The new NPS 16” gas pipeline is intended to deliver the natural gas throughput of 100 mmscfd for new Thai Oil SPP Power Plant, plus an additional throughput of 15 mmscfd to for Thai Paraxylene Company en route with provision of a NPS 10 inch off-take for future.

      The Raw Water (RW) Pipeline is NPS 16 inch with 350 tonnes/hour capacity, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and heat fusion jointed with approximately 1.6 km in length, start from tie-in point at the existing EAT’s 28 inches future connection valve beside the IPT metering station to the new water metering station nearby. It will be routed parallel with the proposed NPS 16 inch natural gas pipeline from adjacent tie-in point, for a distance of approximately 1.2 km.

      UNITY has been appointed as the Detailed Engineering Services for this project. The Work Order no. 0407/005 was issued to Unity on 23th July 2004 with an effective date to proceed nominated as 01st July 2004 and finish by 22nd Jan 2005

      for project management, engineering, detailed design for pipeline, and construction management. The tie-in point & route include spare tie-in are shown below.

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