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13-J1007-00 KEGCO Khanom MRS Phase II

13 Mar 2018, Admin

      KHANOM Electricity Generating Company Limited, called “KEGCO” or “Owner” has been planned to establish the Independence Power Plant (IPP), which requires supply of natural gas. The natural gas will be delivered from PTT’s facilities in GSP metering and regulating station to KHANOM metering and regulating station prior to delivery to IPP.

      KEGCO natural gas pipeline is routed above ground. Pipeline diameter is 20” with flow rate 195MMSCFD at pressure class 300 and corrosion allowance by 3.2 mm. The pipeline was designed for design life 40 years. The tie-in point is in PTT Khanom GSP. KEGCO’s new natural gas above ground route line will be approximately 150 meter in length.

      Unity is also responsible for the performance of all activities required in the scope of services from gathering all the necessary data until the completion of the services after construction and commissioning of the pipeline and related facilities system.

      Unity has provided the full intensive team: all Key personnel, within Thailand to manage, coordinate and support the KN4 Project to interface with KEGO and any third parties through the contract period.

      The scope of services for the KN4 Project shall cover 3 phases which can be as follows:

  • Phase I: Basic Engineering Design

  • Phase II: Project and Construction Management

  • Phase III: OE for MP, Fuel Gas Line Installation KN4 Project

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